Enhancing bootstrap-rating

The bootstrap-rating is a simple and easy to use jQuery plugin for creating rating controls. We used it in Stackweek’s feedback form.

However, the bootstrap-rating is missing functionality that we found important for usability.

We reached 200

Yes, the Stackweek is steadily growing. We have added many new sources this week and today we’ve reached 200. From programming languages to project management tools, we track everything. Check out the full list here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is incredibly important for us at Stackweek to be able to deliver updates on all your loved tech tools on time. Last couple of days we put our magic in place to make this happen.

More news sources

We have updated the Stackweek and added more news sources making the total number 50. You can check out what technologies we track here.

Stackweek's Stack

The first stack that Stackweek started to track obviously is its own. In this post we want to present our stack and explain why we choose it.

Introducing Stackweek

Currently there is no good way for developers to keep up to date on their development stacks.

When you are focused on the development of your product you don’t want to get distracted by reading tech news most of which is not related to what you do.